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Hydrogen Powered Cars

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

So how can you run your vehicle off of water.

Well the answer is mostly.  I am sure that hydrogen can and is used as a fuel source in many application but the infrastructure is limited in respect to what the average jo can do.

So i offer you the solution of making your won via a hydrogen fuel cell. Its not rocket science so don’t make it harder than it needs to be.


The recipe basically entails water+electrolyte+conductors+electricity=HHO

See nto rocket science you rub electric through some conducted with the right amount of electricity in the water and you make Hydrogen to supplement your fuel.  I have no idea why everybody is not doing it.  There are many companies that offer DIY kits as well as the parts to cutomize your own.  I am a fan of the DIY stuff myself but not everybody is cut out for that.

I get a kick out of  being able to design and make something form nothing.  No t everybody is cut that way and I get it… and that is OK. That is the reason that some nay service and supply companies are still in business.

So buying large the answer is yes. You can absolutely run your car to some degree off of water and make hydrogen out of it.  Just do a quick search and you can finds tons of material on the subject.  Have fun with this food for thought or at least I did.