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Quality Design and Customer Acquisition

Monday, April 20th, 2015

The reality is that the design of anything is the first thing we see every time we look at anything.It doesn’t matter if you are looking at a webpage or the next Ferrari. If is doesn’t look fast and sexy and doesn’t work you ain’t buying it.

In terms of customers acquisition the design of your product or service is the base of the pyramid so to speak.  If the design segment is right you aren’t selling a thing.  We work with so many companies on the design of their transportation solutions and people just don’t understand the importance of the design element.  The reality is that design is it in the instant gratification society that we have.

Design  could be considered your gateway to customers and customers equals money. recently came across some customer question that were founded on web design.  the reality is last click conversion primarily has to do with two things: visibility and design.


It is on different in your small business.  The design of every elect of your value added saying proposal is the foundation of your business.


Not only is the digs of product very important but the design of your brand is equally as important. Ever time you step in your vehicle we it is a representation of your “brand” and product.  People shouldn’t judge you but they do and they will continue to do so

That is a brief summary if why you should be concerned with how the design elements of your business are directly connected to your customer acquisition, From your vehicles to your webpage!