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Quality Design and Customer Acquisition

Monday, April 20th, 2015

The reality is that the design of anything is the first thing we see every time we look at anything.It doesn’t matter if you are looking at a webpage or the next Ferrari. If is doesn’t look fast and sexy and doesn’t work you ain’t buying it.

In terms of customers acquisition the design of your product or service is the base of the pyramid so to speak.  If the design segment is right you aren’t selling a thing.  We work with so many companies on the design of their transportation solutions and people just don’t understand the importance of the design element.  The reality is that design is it in the instant gratification society that we have.

Design  could be considered your gateway to customers and customers equals money. recently came across some customer question that were founded on web design.  the reality is last click conversion primarily has to do with two things: visibility and design.


It is on different in your small business.  The design of every elect of your value added saying proposal is the foundation of your business.


Not only is the digs of product very important but the design of your brand is equally as important. Ever time you step in your vehicle we it is a representation of your “brand” and product.  People shouldn’t judge you but they do and they will continue to do so

That is a brief summary if why you should be concerned with how the design elements of your business are directly connected to your customer acquisition, From your vehicles to your webpage!


Hydrogen Powered Cars

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

So how can you run your vehicle off of water.

Well the answer is mostly.  I am sure that hydrogen can and is used as a fuel source in many application but the infrastructure is limited in respect to what the average jo can do.

So i offer you the solution of making your won via a hydrogen fuel cell. Its not rocket science so don’t make it harder than it needs to be.


The recipe basically entails water+electrolyte+conductors+electricity=HHO

See nto rocket science you rub electric through some conducted with the right amount of electricity in the water and you make Hydrogen to supplement your fuel.  I have no idea why everybody is not doing it.  There are many companies that offer DIY kits as well as the parts to cutomize your own.  I am a fan of the DIY stuff myself but not everybody is cut out for that.

I get a kick out of  being able to design and make something form nothing.  No t everybody is cut that way and I get it… and that is OK. That is the reason that some nay service and supply companies are still in business.

So buying large the answer is yes. You can absolutely run your car to some degree off of water and make hydrogen out of it.  Just do a quick search and you can finds tons of material on the subject.  Have fun with this food for thought or at least I did.

Party buses and limousines

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Good day…We are going to switch directions a little and talk about in the design elements of the party buses and limos.  Typically I am more focused on the DIY design elements around the house but thought I would throw you a curve ball today.


So I was in a buddies new stretch limo the other day and it got me thanking about the cinrdilbe amount of ingenuity that takes to make a stretch limo and then on top of that make it sexy for the end user.  Fitting 18 or 20 people in in one vehicle is tall order no matter what you are in.  Lol ….. Unless it is a yellow bus but we are not going to go there.

What does it take to turn a standard H2 hummer into a stretch limo??

Short answer…. A lot

These things have to be cut in half, stretched,and attached to custom frames.  It takes a pretty ingenious person to make all that work from a design perspective.  Before we even get into the interior design and seating layout of a limo or party bus, it take a ton of mechanical know how and engineering just from a functionality stand point.

After talking about building one… i would not even like to think about driving one.  I would like to think I could drive about anything but, I think I Would not enjoy piloting a limo in these down town areas.  I suppose one could get used to it but its not likely not my cup of tea.

So anyway where was I?

Back to the design talk… that s why your reading right?

So on the interior the LEDs and lighting are killer.  They are design to make it feel much bigger than they actually are.  Not that a stretch limo is small by any means but 18 people  can make most spaces feel pretty small.

The interior are designed around fun… I think I was having a better time by just stepping in.

Everything from the wet bar to the stereo is about partying down.  I think I counted at least 5 subs  and speakers all over that sucker.  The nice black leather seating was what you would expect in a luxury vehicle of that stature.


I was surprised at how hard  it was to set up in it though.  I would  bet there would be a certain cliental that would struggle getting up there, but all the same it is probably not design for that demographic.

So there a re a couple of talking points about the complexities of luxury transportation and limousines We will be back on the normal speed of things on my next post bu thought I would shake things uimousines.p a bit.




Hola and Welcome to my blog

Sunday, December 21st, 2014

Welcome to my blog.  I will be talking about everything from interior design, landscape design, to everyday services. Check back in for more.